Ultimate Complex Care

High-quality care is our number one priority, delivering tailored nursing care at home. At Ultimate Complex Care, we understand that everyone's needs differ hence we offer person-centred support that enables each individual to live in their home independently from care around the clock to just a couple of hours a day.

We strive to provide compassionate staff, personalised care plans, and an imaginative approach to maximising quality-of-life.

delivering high quality complex care at home

We believe that care is much more than only about nursing. That is why we handpick staff who are experienced in areas such as mobility issues, personal hygiene, housekeeping, socialising, support for hobbies and interests, companionship and emotional support.

Our approach is to give you control of your care by placing you at the centre of the process. Perhaps the most important element is getting the right staff on board as they will be working with you in your home. They would then be contracted to work exclusively with you. This is so important in ensuring that you get continuity of care from workers who are genuinely familiar with you and your care needs.

Why Choose Us

We Provide your specific care needs

Our Clinical and Nursing Team, in conjunction with you and other health professionals, will identify your individual care needs and put together a care team with the right skills to meet your specific care needs. We pride ourselves on the quality of training and support provided to our employees.

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